About Us

Sphynx Cattery «Pharaoh Secret» is officially registered at the beginning of the end of 2017.
Manufacturers in our nursery are family members in the first place. We only contain females to control the frequency and quality of breeding.
Our passion for the Sphinx breed began recently, and very quickly filled our lives and hearts with the amazement of this incredible breed! Canadian Sphynx kittens grow in our home with all the attention, love and affection.

The acquisition of a new friend who is for many years and the election should be taken very seriously. I’m sure you already have an idea of what kind of pet you want to see next to you. We will help you and find exactly what you want.
The search should be taken very seriously.
Guarantee of quality and honesty. We only work with an official sales contract. We wait for your wishes.
Kittens with great characters, friendly and sociable, human-centered, without the slightest manifestation of aggression. Best companion cats. Ideal for families with small children. Excellent life with other pets.
The nature of these cats is very different from other breeds. Besides all the advantages, there is another big advantage — they are very intelligent, friendly and absolutely not vindictive.
At the time of moving to a new family:
— is in possession of a pedigree and has a registration in the club
— Receive an internationally certified veterinary certificate
— are treated for worms and receive all vaccinations that are permitted / required by age
-our cats animals are free from FIP, FIV, FeLV
-have tests HCM PKD
— get you a chip
-certificate from the veterinarian about full health
— know how to handle a toilet and a scratching post
— are used to a bath
The new owner needs a bit more information, systematic care and above all worries, love and understanding. This is a guarantee that you will be satisfied .

We offer a nice gift for every new owner:

! Royal Canin weekly ration of dry and moist special feed,
! Pet Bowl
! Voucher for veterinarian in the amount of 30 EUR

EU delivery possible, the service is free
Kind regards, Canadian Sphynx Breeder in Germany


Unfortunately, there are now many unscrupulous breeders, so pay attention to:
-the presence of tests FIP, FIV, HCM PKD FELV parents kittens
-If the kitten is ready to leave at a very early age
— If there are other animals in the farm, you should be aware.
— Kitten preferably with pedigree
— Make sure the cat does not have more than 2 litters per year in the kennel
Canadian sphynx does not have long whiskers (see parent)
Visit the nursery school, make a video call, or request a detailed video of the kitten you like (note the conditions under which the kittens are kept).